Welcome to Ghatsila College!

Ghatsila College,Ghatsila was established in1961. It is constituent unit of Kolhan University,Chaibasa. The College is co-educational and at present has a Student capacity of more than 8000.Ghatsila College which began as a modest tin- roofed building today possess an efficient infrastructure which includes spacious and well lit classrooms, Science laboratories, lab, library, computer room, recreation room, auditorium, and a spacious ground. The most recent addition is a welfare hostel conveniently located in the college campus. Having a maximum capacity of 36 beds, the hostel has a 24 hour security, water facility, and a mess.The College has a well-stocked library possessing a rich collection of books and journals in various subjects.

Our Vision

Preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.


Our Mission

To prepare outstanding educators, scholars, and researchers, and to advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on the science and art of teaching and learning.


Our Objective

The educational objective of Ghatsila College is to prepare men and women for the service of the country. It strives for an intellectual endeavour that focuses on critical and creative thinking.


Academic Excellence!

The college is autonomous and places very high value on academics. The courses are rigorous and need daily application. Assignments have to be submitted by the due date. Presentations and participation in seminars and workshops are part of the academic life. College has a reading room and a good library. To prepare assignments and papers, it is left to the students to make use of it as much as possible. By the time one graduates, what is expected is to develop the art of critical horizons, develop self-esteem and confidence and to provide opportunities for the exercise of leadership.



SELF-STUDY REPORT-2017 FOR NAAC EVALUATION - Ghatsila College, Ghatsila, has prepared this critical Self- Study Report (SSR) as the first step towards National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) assessment, which lays emphasis on the institutional developments with reference to quality initiative, quality sustenance and quality enhancement.